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LED Street Light

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Name:60w LED street light
Category:LED Street Light
CREE chip , high luminous flux, high brightness
High efficiency Inventronic driver
Pure aluminum shell, fast heat dissipation
Light in weight, using optical lens
Product application:

4、Residential / Institution Buildings    
5、School,Colleges &Universities  
6、Parking Lot 、  Ramp
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application scenarios:

Luminous Intensity Distribution Diagram:




1.The lamp does not shine after installation.

Check if it is working on the right voltage.
Check if the electrode of the holder has good connection with the lamp.
Change another lamp holder to test it, and then confirm whether this lamp is failure or not.
Gently shake the LED lamp and listen if there is abnormal sound, to determine if led lamp is damaged during transport. If you find above problems, please contact dealer or manufacturer.

2. LED lamp is blinking .

Bad connection on electrode, screw/insert once again or adjust the light-base’s space to ensure good contact.
Input voltages are wrong or unsteady, please confirm that voltage used under right scope, 
Components damaged by crash during transport, please contact dealer or manufacturer.

3.Parameters of actual product do not match specification sheet.

Please check the testing instrument procedure.
Different test instruments between the buyer and the manufacturer will lead to it.
Some parameters of its own have tolerance, such as illumination, power, temperature, etc. If the actual parameters tested have greater difference with specification sheet, please contact dealer or manufacturer.

4. Maintenance.

 If need maintain, pls. use dry and soft cloth to clean it, wet cloth or organic solvents will damage the lamp and reduce its shell shine.
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