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LED Wall Light

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Name:60W LED Wall light
Category:LED Wall Light
 3year warranty Outdoor Parking Lot Wall light LED wall pack light Application
Industrial workshops, warehouses, garages, canopy,freezer; supermarkets, shopping malls, exhibition halls, plazas
Gyms, indoor stadiums, natatoriums, tennis courts, golf course
Urban roads, elevated roads, highways, overpass, bridges
Tunnels, runways, harbours, mine lots, underground storerooms
Squares, parks, gardens, sculptures, stages, advertising boards,
yards, lawns, airports
subways, government lighting projects
Gas stations, highway toll stations, docks etc.
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3year warranty Outdoor Parking Lot Wall light LED wall pack light Features:

1. LED Wall Pack Light with high pressure die casting aluminum frame with power coated finish for corrosion resistance.
2. Wall Pack Light with Die-casting aluminum plate, tempered diffuser, heat-proof, crash-proof.
3. 80W Wall Pack Light each LED light is fitted with twice optical lens to distribute LED light on ground evenly and hence to raise
the utilization rate of the light and lower energy consumption.
4. Wall Pack with wide input voltage: AC100-277V,UL listed Meanwell Powersupply.
5. LED Wall Pack is energy saving:Save up to 40% compared to metal halides, 13 times more efficient than incandescent light bulbs,
and up to twice a efficient as compact fluorescent lights.
6. Outdoor Wall Pack all accessories are made from environmental friendly and recycled materials
7. IP65 Wall Pack Color Temperature 2700K~7000K & other voltages are available. If the lamp operates at the low environmental
temperature(>-40),please make it specially.
8. Square construct with elegant appearance,Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.10. LED Wall Pack no UV or RF interference,
NO Mercury,Instant start, no noise, no flickering.

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