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LED high bay characteristics and use
Publish:Shenzhen Sohetek Electronic Co., Ltd  Time:2014-12-24
 LED high bay areas of use: shipyards, mines, workshops, factories, warehouse, highway toll stations, gas stations, supermarkets, exhibition halls, stadiums and other needs of industrial lighting.



LED high bay performance benefits


One. excellent explosion-proof performance, can be used in a variety of flammable and explosive safety



Two. Imported chip, optimized LED package structure, to achieve low light decay, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, etc.;



Three. Power key components used brand in the world, to ensure the life of the lamp;



Four. using crystal lens light distribution, to meet the lighting needs of different occasions;



Five. using Transparent design, optimize cooling structure, can guarantee lamp life;



Six. lamps using angle locking device, to ensure long-term work in a vibration environment is still a change in perspective;


Seven. Lamp body is made of light alloy, sealed and special surface coating, ensure that lighting in humid, high temperature and other harsh environments never corrosion, never rust.

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