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LED high bay Development Status
Publish:Shenzhen Sohetek Electronic Co., Ltd  Time:2014-12-25

LED high bay many commodity markets are beginning to emerge,



LED high bay is also a high-tech product, no LED high bay for some people because of technical experience in profit and develop this talent, this is undoubtedly disrupt the work market. Wholesale merchants on the LED high bay is also a risky investment.

Although LED high bay is now in the global popularization applications, but there are many manufacturers in the high-power LED high bay cooling has not yet found a good solution; currently rely on a single thermal conductivity of aluminum has met LED high bay heat conduction requirements. Heat conduction out also not effective will affect the lamp life. So for LED high bay producers cooling technology is currently the most critical. But as technology continues to reform and innovation in LED high bay radiator treatment also significantly effective. The role is to absorb heat sink substrate or chip pass over the heat, and then diverge into the environment, ensure the LED chip temperature is normal.

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