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How to choose LED flood light used advertising lighting
Publish:Shenzhen Sohetek Electronic Co., Ltd  Time:2014-12-25
 How to choose the plaza advertising lighting LED flood light, how to choose the plaza advertising LED Flood light manufacturer. Elite Lighting LED flood light material components: High-purity aluminum reflector, light housing and heat sink; 5mm high intensity tempered glass cover; single powerful LED light source; high efficiency constant current source. For places with tunnels, workshop, factory, warehouse, squares, advertising, buildings and other places need flood lighting.

Place advertising lighting LED flood light Features

One, the use of high-purity aluminum reflector, and efficient to effectively improve the reflectivity, and ensure that the luminous flux output. Targeted to the LED emits light control within the need to improve the lighting effect of the light uniformity and utilization ratio. Highlights the significant energy-saving advantages of LED lamps;

Two, high temperature, anti-aging silicone rubber seal, so that body heat, cover, glass perfect combination lamp shell surface of the anodic oxidation and plastic spraying, lamps protection class IP65;

Three, the use of single powerful LED as the light source, using a unique multi-chip integrated single source design, selection of imported high brightness semiconductor chips with high thermal conductivity, low luminous decay, pure light color and no ghosting. ;

Four, the overall tensile aluminum heat sink, LED light source closely connected with the internal and external air convection cooling, to effectively guarantee the LED light source life;

Five, Environment friendly: cold light source design, non-thermal radiation, the eyes and skin without any harm, no lead, mercury and other pollution elements to achieve a true sense of the green energy-efficient lighting;

Six, combined with solar energy is an excellent partner, give full play LED DC low voltage and energy saving advantages, solar panel and LED light sources for our customers to achieve the best cost performance and high reliability;

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