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LED flood light power
Publish:Shenzhen Sohetek Electronic Co., Ltd  Time:2014-12-26
Lamp beads, the more the greater the power. Can not change the supply voltage is the voltage decreases lower brightness will be on or off, the rated voltage, current conditions. LED high voltage will cause damage or premature aging.
LED flood lights and other lights, like on power. In order to calculate how much power consumption power LED lights if you 1WLED composed by the 100, it does not mean you look at the lamp power is 100W constant current source (power supply) is not to provide a 100W power (Also + constant current source loss) said 100W bulbs, refer the case in 220V power consumed, does not refer to how much power can be made of light
LED flood lights bulbs and candles better analogy, it can be placed anywhere in the scene. For example, LED flood lights is from a particular point in all directions uniformly irradiated object. The camera can be placed outside or inside of objects. Distant scene with many different colors LED flood lights are very common these LED flood lights can cast a dark and mix on the model. Because LED flood lights illumination range is relatively large, so the LED flood lights illumination effect is very easy to predict, and this light there are many secondary uses, for example, LED flood lights placed near the location of the object appearance, the appearance of the object will be to produce a bright light.
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