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LED flood lights work Principle
Publish:Shenzhen Sohetek Electronic Co., Ltd  Time:2014-12-26
 LED flood lights are in effect, making them the most widely used of a light source, standard LED flood lights used to illuminate the entire scene. More light can be applied to the scene LED flood lights, to produce a better effect. LED flood lights are, in effect, the figure most widely used as a light source, the scene can be used in multi-lamp LED flood lights coordinating role, with the emergence of better results. From a specific point in all directions uniformly irradiated object and use it to simulate the light bulbs and candles better and better. LED flood lights can be placed anywhere in the scene. For example, the camera can be placed outside or inside of objects. Distance in the scene with many different colors of LED flood lights are very common. These LED flood lights can cast a dark and mix on the model. LED flood lights because the irradiation range is relatively large, so the illumination LED flood lights is very easy to predict, and this light there are many secondary uses, for example, LED flood lights placed close to the surface of the object location, the surface of the object to produce a bright light
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